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My Darkest Moment


My Darkest Moment revolves around a character who wears a strange mask and leads an utterly lonely life. He travels through various locations, and you will accompany him to learn the story. Also, depending on your ability to solve puzzles and controls, the story can continue; you won’t be able to take your eyes off the mysterious storytelling in the rather dark world of the game.


The story that players experience in My Darkest Moment involves a rather special character, and his signature is a mask and a rather long nose. It’s unfortunate that he’s trapped in a bizarre circle. Also, one thing the player can do for this character is give him a shooting star, and when this star appears, he can be released.

Although he is being liberated, he is also wholly unable to integrate into current society. He feels like a ghost because of his special mask. At the same time, every time he wanted to start incorporating into human society, he couldn’t touch anyone. He feels lonely, and you will be his companion, and you will be the one to decide the progress of the character’s story development. Various events will attract players to explore.


As mentioned above, the player is the one who decides the progress of the character’s story development in My Darkest Moment. This control will play out in different ways as the player will need to solve a small puzzle. After that, the character will move until the screen changes to another scene, or there is a circle with arrows that you can touch. Depending on your touch, the character will have corresponding moves and help the story progress.

You can see that the game’s environment will appear completely black, and on this black background, players will be able to find those sentences and a story frame. In this frame, the player will see the character’s actions and the dull tones of the environment he walks through. Of course, this character will have his problems, and for sure, he will have specific dislikes that you cannot ignore.

One of the interesting points of this game is the appearance of alternating stories and puzzles. If you do not complete a puzzle, then for sure, the story will not continue completely, and of course, it will create a specific attraction. You’ll want to finish those puzzles quickly, and in the early game, the puzzles are straightforward. In particular, you will feel that many mysterious elements attract and urge you to explore.


The experience that you cannot miss in My Darkest Moment is solving puzzles to develop the story in this game. The puzzles are entirely diverse, and anyone can access their mechanics. Specifically, you will find a circle with a large dot in the center, and you can swipe it to make it move to a position you desire. The game also offers a single-line navigation mechanism to adjust the force and predict the position.

Players will find many of the challenges that the game introduces in this title. Some elements will block the movement of the circle or can damage them. At the same time, some environments are not very bright at all, and the surroundings can be traps. The interesting point that players find in this game is that you will need to answer questions and use a circle to answer. So it will be a long journey that players cannot ignore.

Players will have a journey with a strange character:

The main character of this game is imprisoned, waiting for a shooting star to escape and begin his lonely journey through many locations.The game’s story will constantly appear interspersed with puzzles, and you will ensure the story continues.Players have easy access to the game’s puzzle mechanics as they begin with simple levels and continue to explore the game’s story.You may face many types of puzzles and environments, such as questions that choose the correct answer or low-light environments.Players will be impressed and motivated to explore the masked character’s story, and you can even control his actions in some cases.