Cooking My Story-Cooking My Story v2.0.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Cooking My Story


Cooking My Story is a cooking-themed game where the player and a girl serve various dishes to satisfy customers. You can earn a certain amount of money and use it in many different ways, such as upgrading existing tools or buying new ones. In addition, you will always have to pay attention to what goes on inside the kitchen to ensure the correct food and drink preparation and save moving time.


The story starts in Gourmet Nation of Cooking My Story, and here comes a girl who has a big dream about cooking. While she was doing her job, she saw a show about a famous Chef named Alex. He is looking for someone who can pass his contest with an impressive reward. The rewards of this contest include a trophy and the chance to work with him. After that, the game moves to the main gameplay of this game.

The level moves to a food stall where our main character is talking to Alex, and Alex will teach her how to cook waffles, and you can also be the winner of the contest. In addition, Alex will always accompany you during the game and become a guide to the game’s mechanics so you can stay informed and make confident choices in the game. The cooking mechanism of this game is slightly different from other games of the same type.


You will see the character move inside the 2D environment of Cooking My Story and not in the first-person perspective like other games. This requires you to touch something inside the kitchen space so that the character can continuously move. Therefore, the cooking process only activates when the character touches the machine, and the food and drink will be automatically prepared. Also, for a waffle, you’ll need to pay attention to its ripeness and take it out a day later, so it doesn’t burn.

Besides the waffle that Alex shows you, many other foods and drinks are arranged inside your kitchen space. Depending on their characteristics, you don’t have to wait for their time like a cake. Each customer who comes to your restaurant will have a status bar with many points represented by hearts. The points will decrease, and the hearts will lose color, so the way to make their mood better is that you will need to give them one of their requests and continue to complete the rest.


You will see the amount of money you have to earn at the top of the Cooking My Story screen, and you will need to serve many customers correctly so that they do not leave. Unlike other cooking games, only the waffle is the one that takes the longest to prepare, and the rest can sometimes be served right away. In addition, if you receive many different requests and can’t handle them, you should buy some new utensils and upgrade the cooking utensils in the kitchen.

You can buy as many things to put in your restaurant and kitchen space as a new tray, and the amount you can achieve is two to put food that you have prepared or are not the same as customer demand. In addition, cooking or beverage preparation tools can increase performance when you upgrade them. So you can shorten the preparation time of these tools and satisfy any customer who comes to your restaurant.