Chess Universe: Chess Online-Chess Universe: Chess Online v1.16.1 MOD APK (Free Purchases)

Chess Universe: Chess Online-Chess Universe: Chess Online v1.16.1 MOD APK (Free Purchases) title=

Chess Universe: Chess Online


Chess Universe is an exciting game that you cannot ignore when simulating the chess game that is so familiar to many people. A chess set is not required, but you can still play it with just one mobile device. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, you can experience this game with your friends. Or even compete with other players around the world.


Even if you have never played chess before, it only takes a little time to learn how to play with Chess Universe, and you can still play it fluently. Before starting, the game will ask you about your current level of play as a beginner, active player, or expert. From there, the system will automatically arrange the levels to match the level so that you can get used to it from the very beginning.

In addition, you can also choose between playing against the computer or playing online with other players depending on your preference. If you do not know about chess, it is best to play with the machine first to understand the basic gameplay. When it’s your turn to play, touch a champion you want, and the game will suggest the best path. Continue like this until the side drawn to the king first will lose.


Playing chess is not too challenging because you need to know a few rules and practice a lot; you will quickly become an expert in this subject. After a period of practice with the machine, you will be confident enough to compete with other opponents. Chess Universe’s system will match you with players of the same level of play so that both are equally talented.

The purpose of playing against other players is to show off your skills and as an opportunity for you to learn some good tips. In addition to creating your playing strategy, you can also refer to your opponents. But one thing that will motivate you to improve your game is the prestigious leaderboard and the place where only people compete with each other every day.


Chess game is equipped with all the features from basic to advanced with chess-playing features.Start learning how to play chess from the most basic ways to develop tactics, strategy, logical thinking.Play with your friends or even challenge the top players on the leaderboard.Various game modes aim to train the best adaptability of players to chess.Join the game or learn how to play online completely free with full features.