Lust Academy Deluxe-Lust Academy Deluxe v1.0.6 MOD APK (Damage/God Mode)

Lust Academy Deluxe-Lust Academy Deluxe v1.0.6 MOD APK (Damage/God Mode) title=

Lust Academy Deluxe


Lust Academy Deluxe is an adventure game full of excitement where the player becomes an instructor and accompanies beautiful girls. The great thing is that it uses anime-style images to sketch every girl or vivid and fluid illustrations for endless satisfaction.


The player’s job in Lust Academy Deluxe, though simple, is complicated as girls with endless potential always surround them. Each unit must continuously participate in battles, and the player must guide them for the best results for future growth. Depending on the player’s progress, many new features or abilities will open up to reach more girls.


The educational systems in this game are complex for the player to apply widely on girls while opening up many new magical features. Moreover, each girl has her system, and players can go in different directions in guiding each one to receive many excellent rewards. The player’s interaction with each girl is important and impacts some of their systems for alternative story development.


Rewards for players are not items or currency but the hottest and sexiest images of each girl. Lust Academy Deluxe uses anime-style picture quality to give players endless excitement and emphasize each person’s captivating beauty. Some unique interactions will also result in different scenes to diversify the results or cause players to search for the most effective paths in the educational process.


Besides investing in girls, players can develop their system for maximum productivity and efficiency. Each feature or item has its unique use, and players can collect a few more special items to enhance the productivity of the systems. Interestingly, some systems will directly influence the interaction to give the player more admiration points for each girl.

Lust Academy Deluxe is an extraordinary adventure for players to find countless emotions of excitement and refreshment when educating lovely girls. On top of that, its unique concepts and content are constantly evolving to diversify gameplay or stimulate player flexibility in completing important tasks.